Ohio Drug Card Testimonials

I do not have any prescription coverage and I went to fill one of my many prescriptions. I was paying for the prescription and the total was over $100. I could not get the medication because I didn't have that much. The pharmacist was kind and offered me the Ohio Drug Card. That brought the total down to less than half the original cost and I couldn't believe it! I could actually get my prescription filled on time. I no longer dread going to the pharmacy because I know when I run out of my prescription I can afford to get the refill I need by using the Ohio Drug Card. Thanks!

Mark C.
Cincinnati, OH

I walked into a Target pharmacy to pay for my Lamictal (lamotrigine). This medication retails for $344 and the Ohio Drug Card got the price down to $31.50. I am a member for life! Thank you!

Anonymous Card Holder
Cincinnati, OH

I could not afford my Zofran prescription so I used the Ohio Drug Card and got it for $18.42! Talk about patient satisfaction.

Amber T.
Toledo, OH

My son has really bad asthma, and his medications are not covered under my insurance. The Ohio Drug Card has cut the cost of his meds in half. It's a life saver!

Kelly F.
Cincinnati, OH