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New Drug Card Begins

The Ohio Drug Card becomes available today to any Ohio resident, regardless of age or income.

The card allows savings of up to 75 percent on some prescriptions, although the average savings probably will be about 30 percent.

"The Ohio Drug Card will help the uninsured or under-insured people of Ohio afford their prescription medications," said Steve Jarvis, spokesman for the program.

Greg Lashutka, former mayor of Columbus who was co-captain of the 1965 Ohio State football team under Coach Woody Hayes, is program director.

The card is easy to get. No application is necessary. Simply log on to www.ohiodrugcard.com and download a copy of the card.

A complete list of the prescriptions as well as the discounted price also can be found on the Web site by clicking on the "medication pricing" link.

Anyone who can't access the Web site, or otherwise obtain a card, can visit any Kmart pharmacy in Ohio. It will process their prescription through the Ohio Drug Card program even though they don't have a member card.

"This program is just what the people of Ohio needed to help them manage rising insurance and medical expenses," Lashutka said in a prepared statement. "We're calling on hospitals, clinics, associations and organizations to create public awareness for the program and to make it available to all citizens."

Participating pharmacies also include Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Meijer, Discount Drug Mart, Marc's Pharmacy, as well as thousands of independent pharmacies.

The program can be used by people who have health insurance coverage with no prescription benefits.

The program is funded by pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies.