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Ohio Introduces Disscount Drug Card

(Cincinnati, OH) – With increases in food and fuel costs hurting Americans' budgets, the high prices of medications don't make life any easier. Ohio residents, however, can save anywhere from 15 to 51 percent or more on prescriptions through the Ohio Drug Card program.

Major savings include the leukemia drug Gleevec, normally more than $1,100 for a 30-day supply, but $561.67 with the card. Cards can be obtained at Kmart stores around Ohio or from the Web site www.ohiodrugcard.com.

The Ohio Drug Card program gives Ohioans discounts on drugs at major drug store chains and many independent pharmacies. The program is offered by United Networks of America, a provider of value-added managed-care products. UNA offers similar cards around the country through its UNA Rx Card program.